Education Pack

Curriculum-Based Education Pack for Primary Schools

Explore, Learn, Enjoy

Recognising the importance of the Great Famine in education, we have developed a curriculum-based Education Pack for Primary Schools which is free for teachers to download and use. It is a solid, user-friendly resource for teachers and is suitable for children from 8 years of age who have covered the Great Famine element of the curriculum. The Education Pack covers all areas of the curriculum and is logically laid out by subject area. These have associated headings, information and specific links. Class activities are included, often using original archive documents and engaging videos. It is designed to broaden and deepen the Great Famine element of the curriculum in an engaging and interactive way.

Our aim is to bring the facts of the Great Famine to life by telling the tale of one particular boy, 12 year old Daniel Tighe, through Shoe Stories. The National Famine Way™ trail is marked by over 30 sculptures of bronze children’s shoes and at each one a story related to Daniel is narrated on the app. Daniel’s experience and the broader story of the 1,490 people who walked the trail are covered in the pack. The Education Pack contains real names, real facts and true family stories which children can relate to. The combination of resources makes for an evocative and memorable teaching experience. The central digital resources are the National Famine Way™ website and app. Two introductory videos are also included, one on the shoe stories and the other on the trail and the Missing 1,490. This Education Pack was developed with guidance from teachers and created by the National Famine Museum at Strokestown Park in association with Waterways Ireland, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum encompassing the Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship Experience and the Irish Family History Centre located at EPIC.