A historic Famine trail through Ireland’s villages and towns.

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The National Famine Way 

The National Famine Way is a 165km trail that traces the footsteps of the Strokestown tenants, men, women and children who were marched from Roscommon to Dublin in 1847 after they failed to pay their rent. In Dublin, they boarded a ship to Liverpool before journeying to North America on board some of the worst coffin ships of the time. Not all of them made it alive. They became known as the 'Missing 1490'.

The Story of our 1490 Global Irish Famine Way

National Famine Way Trail 

The 165km historical trail from Roscommon to Dublin weaves mostly along the Royal Canal and can be completed in sections or all at once. The trails start in Strokestown Park at the National Famine Museum and ends at the Famine statues in Dublin Docklands, close to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, Dublin.

The trail is captivating with its layers of history and culture, it is truly an immersive experience. You can follow the trail on the free app, or avail of the Official Pack and Passport, receiving a stamp along your journey as you follow in the footsteps of the 1490. A completion certificate is awarded in the museum in Dublin.

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Daniel Tighe

The story of the trail is centred around the walk of twelve-year-old Daniel Tighe - one of the original famine walkers from Strokestown - who remarkably survived the horrific journey to Quebec in Canada in 1847. Listen on the app to Daniel’s journey reimagined in vignettes and also history specific to each area

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Shoe Stories

There are over thirty pairs of 19th-century bronze children’s shoe sculptures interspersed along the route which create a thought-provoking experience. Renowned author Marita Conlon-McKenna tells the story of his journey in the National Famine Way Shoe Stories film.

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Walkers/Cyclists are invited to become an Officially Registered Participant by obtaining the Official Guide and Passport, personalised Ship Ticket and Certificate of Completion. Whether you’re a casual walker, cyclist, or out for the day, enjoy the trail at your own pace.

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The App and audio trail is centred around one of the original famine walkers from Strokestown - 12-year-old Daniel Tighe - who remarkably survived the horrific journey from Dublin to Quebec, Canada. It also tells you of services nearby, names landmarks and tells the history of what was happening in each of the areas during the Famine. Along with videos of interviews with national and international famine experts who have previously walked the Trail.

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