Embarking on an Educational Journey: Enchanted Croi Theatre and the National Famine Way

“Pass the Shoes”

Walking through Famine History with Enchanted Croí Theatre

In partnership with the National Famine Way, Enchanted Croi Theatre is set to illuminate the shadows of Ireland’s poignant history in the upcoming Spring/Summer of 2024. Through a series of captivating initiatives, Enchanted Croi Theatre will spearhead educational theatre workshops centred around the poignant ‘Shoe Stories’ curated by the National Famine Way.

One of the most compelling endeavours is the “Pass the Shoes” journey, where students from the seven council areas along the National Famine Way will participate in a poignant relay. This relay not only connects neighbouring counties but also forms part of a larger commemorative experience, honouring the memory of the Famine.

Functioning as storytelling engineers, our aim at Enchanted Croi is to craft educational workshops that delve deep into local history, fostering a unique and vocational connection for students with their environment. Our approach breathes life into the rich narratives interwoven within Marita Conlon-McKenna’s historical “Shoe Story Vignettes.”

Through these workshops and initiatives, we endeavour to not only educate but also inspire a sense of empathy and understanding for the harrowing past that shapes Ireland’s collective memory. Join us on this journey of remembrance and enlightenment along the National Famine Way.

Commemorative Walk 2024 – 20th to 25th May

Schools taking part in the workshops, kindly funded by Arts council in each county will join our walkers and pass the shoes in remembrance of the men, women and children who walked the canal in 1847 in search of a better life but who for over 50% perished on coffin ships or shortly afterwards from disease. The walkers became known as Missing 1490.