National Famine Way Commemorative Walk

The National Famine Way Commemorative Walk takes place over six days from Monday 20th to Saturday 25th May 2024 beginning with a dramatic re-enactment of the events which prompted the foundation of the walk. Walkers will be joined by schools, traditional musicians, entertainment and costumed enthusiasts.
Walkers and walking groups are invited to join in for the full six days (165km) or part of the walk. The walk begins at the National Famine Museum | Strokestown Park in Roscommon and continues through six counties to EPIC in Dublins Docklands. It will be preceded by the Canadian Wake evening event (7p.m. in Percy French Hotel on Sunday 19th May) evoking the old tradition of an American wake before emigrants departed.
The Global Irish Famine Way is an extension of the National Famine Way and will be the largest heritage trail in the world. It will eventually follow the journeys of all the Irish Famine emigrants around the world, including the UK, Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Australia. The Bronze Shoes and access to information that mark the National Famine Way will also mark each significant location on the Global Irish Famine Way. It begins in 2024 with the UK (Liverpool) and Canada.
Representatives from each will take part in the commemorative walk including Ambassador McKee, Ambassador Smith and Liverpool Irish Festival.