Day 4 Mullingar-Longwood c.30km. Marita Conlon-McKenna on the Mullingar Workhouse

Mullingar was badly hit during the Great Irish Famine. The Mullingar Workhouse was opened in

December in 1842 and was able to hold 900 people. However with the arrival of the Great Famine

its numbers swelled as the masses of hungry, starving and sick all sought refuge there.

Sleeping galleries had to be constructed to try and cope with the overcrowding. With the outbreak

of fever in the town and district the board had to open a 60 bed Fever Hospital on the north side of

the workhouse. The conditions would have been terrible but for those that were too weak and sick

and had nowhere else to go the workhouse was perhaps the last resort.

The 1,490 walkers from Strokestown Park house did well to keep walking and not linger there.

By recreating their journey The Famine Way walkers are giving us an insight into the courage,

resilience and spirit to survive that those 1490 men, women and children must have possessed.