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An adventurous 165 km cross country trail that follows the Royal Canal as it weaves through country lanes, villages, towns and city – can be done in sections over time or all at once – as you choose. Follow the story of Strokestown’s Famine Emigrants as our interactive bronze shoe sculptures creates a thought provoking experience, on this commemorative cross country walk. The trail is topped and tailed by two iconic museums – “The National Famine Museum” at Strokestown Park and “The Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship” / “ EPIC – Irish Emigration Museum” at the Dublin end.

SHOE STORIES - Daniel’s Story – Black ‘47

My name is Daniel Tighe / Tye, I am 12 years old, in May 1847 the worst year of the Great Irish Famine, I walked this path from Strokestown to Dublin heading for a Ship and in hope of a new life in North America. Follow in the footsteps of my story through the 30 pairs of Bronze Shoes along the National Famine Way.

The canal gets busier for we are nearing the city and its locks and bridges. As we continue on to Longford Bridge and Ashtown we suddenly hear a strange loud roaring noise in the distance, the sound gets louder and louder, so the very ground shakes as a steam train comes thundering along the track, so close to us that it makes my heart race.

Martin cries and howls with fright and little Catherine is terrified and covers her ears. I had never seen or heard the like of it. John and I and a load of the boys run as fast as we can to get a proper look at this strange new wonderful invention.

The train is magnificent but is gone from us in only a few minutes.

Someday I will travel on a train and watch the fields and river, canals and houses and farms pass by.

There are lots of steam trains in Canada I am told. I begin to warm to thoughts of my new life with my Family.

History At This Location

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